Bug Out Bag Method A Logical and Practical Approach to Emergency Preparedness

Preppers - Profiles of Survivalism Part 1

While some people think of prepper as simply a updated term for survivalist, there are some core differences between these two groups. The primary difference is preppers tend to focus on supplies and equipment while survivalist focus more on Bushcraft and wilderness survival skills. Preppers are also planners and have a course of action planned for a wide variety of disaster scenarios.

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Survivalism - Preppers, Survivalists, Homesteaders, & Zombies

Riot with Armed Guard Patrolling

Economic uncertainty, social unrest, global instability, movies, and television shows are just a few of the main factors driving the current survivalism movement. Definitions of survivalism may vary depending on who you ask; but basically it is a movement in which people are preparing for disasters and emergencies both natural and man made.

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