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EDC Pocket Dump - Everyday Carry Gear

Everyday carry, or EDC as it is commonly abbreviated, refers to items that you take with you when leaving your house. Some people think of this as the items they actually have on them at all times such as keys, wallet, cell-phone, etc.; this is sometimes referred to as pocket carry.

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Other people also consider things like bags, briefcases, backpacks, and organizers as part of their everyday carry system because these packs are with them daily but are not necessarily kept with them at all times. Regardless of how you choose to classify them many EDC items can be useful in emergencies as well as everyday life.


Samsung Messager Cell PhoneIt’s pretty safe to say that nearly everyone has a cell-phone, and these devices have evolved into so much more than mobile phones. Smart phones and web enabled cell phones have allowed for easy access of information and media of all types as long as the battery is charged and there is cell service. Even without cell service many useful functions of the cell phone can still be used such as: calculator, timer, camera, calendar, address book, and music player to name just a few. Because cell phones can be so useful it makes sense to have a spare battery and possibly a charger with you to keep your phone in operation when you need it most.



Energizer Key Chain LightToday’s flashlights are much smaller than previous generations and have made amazing jumps both in light output and runtime. Whether the electricity has gone off or your keys get dropped in a dark parking lot, having a flashlight with you is a good idea for a many reasons. There are several types of flashlights that can be carried in a variety of different ways; however, most every day carry flashlights will fall into either keychain flashlights, or defensive style flashlights which are larger but still quite compact compared to previous generation lights. These tactical style flashlights put out so much light you can temporarily blind someone by shining it in their eyes even in broad daylight.   



Hogue Extreme Series KnifeWhether you work outside or in an office building, chances are most people can benefit from having a knife as part of their everyday carry items. No matter what type of environment you work in there is always something that needs cut, opened, scraped, or sliced. While a simple keychain knife or pocket knife will work for the majority of these tasks many people elect to carry a larger knife for self defense; these knifes are often large folding knives of a tactical design. The Hogue Extreme (pictured left) is a good example of an EDC knife designed for self protection; the Ontario Rat Model 1 also works well for an EDC knife and can double as a survival knife if need be.



Keltec P32 with Arma LaserCarrying a firearm on a daily basis is a big commitment and usually requires that a Concealed Carry Permit be obtained. While there are entire websites and forums devoted to every aspect of this topic, here are a few things to keep in mind. Buy a gun that feels good in your hands and that you will actually consistently carry; then test it extensively for reliability. Also, the gun itself will only be part of the total cost with holsters, belts, night sights/lasers, spare magazines, and premium ammo among other accessories often adding up to more than the price of the gun. Finally, consider how you will secure the weapon when you aren’t allowed to take it with you; it is generally illegal to conceal carry in banks, government buildings, and places that serve alcohol.


Micro Tools

Leatherman Micra Mini Tool ClosedThese little mini tools are a smaller version of the larger multi tool but are designed for the lighter chores many people encounter on an daily basis. Often these little pocket tools contain little scissors or pliers, and may come with a small knife, screwdriver blades, tweezers, nail file, and bottle opener to name just a few popular options. The price, size, quality, and usefulness of these mini tools varies considerably; the Leatherman Micra is small enough to fit on a key chain, is of good quality, and generally sells for about $20. While personal preference and your daily routine will play a large part in what mini tool works best for you; I have found the ones with scissors instead of pliers are more useful for my needs.


Pry Tools

Gerber Shard Pry ToolIn recent years small pry tools have become popular EDC gear, the truth is many times when someone uses a knife what they really need is a small pry bar. Usually these pry or wedge tools are equipped with other functions as well such as a bottle opener, screwdriver, ruler, or hex bit driver slot. The Gerber Shard pictured is a popular and inexpensive pry tool costing about $7; however, premium models from custom makers like Atwood can easily reach $60+ and are often hard to find in stock.


Keychain Capsules

Keychain Pill HolderPill holders have also become very popular with the EDC carry crowd because of their small size, low cost, and versatility. While many people actually do use these small containers for holding pills, one of the most popular uses of these capsules is to hide some money. While generally only one bill carefully rolled up will fit inside these pill holders, it does ensure that if you have your keys with you then you will have some cash. Other uses of these small containers included carrying small button style batteries, fishing line with small hook, water purification tablets, or anything else you would like to have with you that will fit inside.



Maxpedition Fatty EDC OrganizerWhile everything mentioned so far have been EDC items that are generally carried on your person at all times when away from home, there are some items that you don’t have room for or need on you at all times. While the definition of an EDC Kit can mean different things to different people, I like to think of these kits as small containers or organizers such as Altoids tins or Maxpedition organizers. These are a good place to store items you might or will use but don’t need with you at all times such as: a multi tool, spare cell phone battery, flashlight, Gorilla tape, and parachute cord.


Get Home Bag

Atlas Get Home BagAgain definitions will vary but I like to think of the Get Home Bag as part of an every day carry setup since it goes with you when you leave the house. Some people might store this bag in their vehicle, while others might leave it in a locker or desk once at work. These bags contain equipment necessary to assist you in getting home in case of an emergency. Unlike a Bug Out Bag which is generally designed to keep you self sufficient for 72 hours, 12 to 24 hours would be a more realistic goal to shoot for with a Get Home Bag.

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