Bug Out Bag Method A Logical and Practical Approach to Emergency Preparedness

Ontario Rat Model 1 Review - An EDC and Survival Knife?

Ontario Rat Model 1

A good knife is one of the best survival tools you can have with you in an emergency, not to mention a useful item for everyday life as well. Therefore, it makes sense to have a knife with you at all times, and one of the easiest types to pack is a folding knife with a carry clip like the Ontario Rat Model 1.

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Keychain Flashlights - 3 Top Models Evaluated

When you find yourself in the dark unexpectedly a flashlight becomes a pretty valuable tool; however, not everyone wants to pack around a flashlight. Fortunately, improved technology has transformed the micro keychain flashlight into a real piece of gear instead of the unreliable novelty item it once was.

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UTG Tactical Messenger Bag Review

UTG Tactical Messenger Bag

A messenger bag can make a good Get Home Bag option for those working in a city; these bags allow you to pack your gear conveniently and discreetly in a wide variety of urban settings. One such model from UTG caught my eye, and looked like it would be a good introduction for me to this style of bag.

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EDC Pocket Dump - Everyday Carry Gear

Pocket Carry

Everyday carry, or EDC as it is commonly abbreviated, refers to items that you take with you when leaving your house. Some people think of this as the items they actually have on them at all times such as keys, wallet, cell-phone, etc.; this is sometimes referred to as pocket carry.

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Hogue EX-01 - G-10 Handle with Tanto Blade

Hogue Extreme G-10 Tanto

If you are like me when you hear the name Hogue, you immediately think of their handgun grips or maybe even their rifles stocks; however, a few years back Hogue got together with well known custom knives maker Allen Elishewitz and began producing high end knives.

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EDC Kit - The Maxpedition Fatty as an Everyday Carry Kit

Maxpedition Fatty as EDC Kit

While definitions of an EDC kit vary from “only things carried on your person”, all the way up to what I call Get Home Bags; I prefer to think of an everyday carry kit as a small container or organizer that makes it to work with you but isn’t always necessarily on your person.

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EDC Bag - Get Home Bag Contents

Get Home Bags

While sometimes confused with a Bug Out Bag, a Get Home Bag is put together with a much different objective. Bug Out Bags (BOB) are generally relatively large backpack based survival kits that are designed to sustain the user for up to three days; because of their large size, and variety of gear such as tents, saws, cooking equipment and so forth these bags are somethimes kept at home.

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